Healthy Lawns

Hartnell Gardens provides all aspects of lawn care, mowing, seasonal maintenance and turfing to ensure your lawn looks at its best. We will ensure you lawn is maintained to a high standard with regular maintenance and lawn treatments to give you a beautiful lawn that is healthy and lush all year round.

Healthy Lawn 1.jpg

The centre piece to any garden, a beautiful lawn can be achieved with high quality maintenance as standard. Get in touch to find out how Hartnell Gardens can get your lawn performing at its best, with seasonal extras added if required.


Turfing and Seeding

Well-designed, expertly laid turfing can give you a beautiful, weed-free and hard-wearing lawn that is easy to maintain. Hartnell Gardens provide a range of lawn repair, re-turfing and seeding services depending on your use requirements. 


Annual lawn treatments


Using professional equipment, you can be assured your lawn will remain weed free and healthy all year round. Add a Spring and Autumn lawn care service to your maintenance programme or as a one off, to get the lawn you desire.